Under the Lid...A section to help with the mental side of the game

5th Apr 2021

We at South North CC recognise how much of a mental game cricket is.

We are striving to make the best cricket teams in the region whilst ensuring opportunities for all our members to grow and develop as cricketers.

We are also striving to make South North CC the best experience for its members on and off the pitch 

For that reason, with the season fast approaching, we have set up the “Under the Lid” section of the website. (Lid being an analogy for helmet in a cricket context)

The page is to grow your thinking and understanding of the mental side of the game as a cricketer and person, and maybe equip players / members with a few new “tools”.

Of course, the literature is no obligation but please do check and see if it could of be of any value.

The first resource posted on the South North CC Website, in the “cricket” then “Under the Lid” section is called “Dealing with Pressure” and comes from the charity Opening Up. We hope to add to this list of resources in due course.We will be striving to develop the concept and working with various organisations to gain more valuable and appropriate content as we proceed.

We have asked if the university psychology students would value the experience of working with our cricket teams and although not confirmed its one of the ways we want to make our club as forward thinking as possible.




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