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PLEASE NOTE - all of our memberships run on an annual basis from 1st April to 31st March. Membership are not pro rated if you join during the membership year.   

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Parent Membership (Social Non-Voting)

Sign up as a social member, then add a junior playing member(s)

£35.00 Per Annum

Social Membership (non-voting)

Social membership which is not associated with a junior player.

£35.00 Per Annum

Social Member (Full Voting)

£60.00 Per Annum

Mens Student Playing Membership

for all men full time students aged 18+

£70.00 Per Annum

Men's Playing Membership

for all players aged 18+ who are not students.

£170.00 Per Annum

Women's Playing Membership (18 yrs +)

£90.00 Per Annum

Women's Softball

£60.00 Per Annum

Female Student Playing Membership

for all women full time student playing 18+

£35.00 Per Annum

Honorary Life Member

£0.00 Per Annum