8th Jul 2022

                                Sun 3rd July 2022 SNCC v Durham City (h)

Durham City 113-7 (20o) Joe Twiddy 32, Callum Gaffney 27, Max Martin 10, Henry Sherwood 12: Ben Hobbs 1-8, Albie McPate 0-14, Ed Moody 0-14, Varun Gudipati 2-18, Oliver Clark 1-22, George Gray 1-18, Aadesh Sahadevan 2-10.

SNCC 110-2 (20o) Sam Ewart 50* (ret), Aadesh Sahadevan 23*, Bn Hobbs 13*, Oliver Clark 9, George McConnell 5: Callum Gaffney 1-7, Joe Twiddy 1-26, Jim Twiddy 1-16, Henry Sherwood 0-29, George Fishwick 1-16, Freddie White 0-11.

Durham City won by 3 runs.

A tale of what might have been for SN. Some exemplary ground fielding & throwing, good catches taken Alek Johnson 3, George McConnell & Ben Hobbs, a maiden over from Albie McPate, a sparkling 50 from Sam Ewart, a pugnacious 23* from Aadesh Sahadevan supported by Ben Hobbs 13*. All offset by 22 extras (7b, 2lb, 7w, 6nb), only 11 for Durham City & a mid innings period of 2 runs in 4 overs, 7,8,9,10 when manufacturing a single was somehow beyond the home team & two chances not taken.

The visitors were invited to bat. SN nerves might have caused the concession of 18 extras in the first 5 overs one of which, over 2, was a maiden by Albie McPate. After Hobbs had Fishwick (0) caught by w/k Sam Ewart, Joe Twiddy & Callum Gaffney fashioned a partnership of 55 before Gaffney (27) was caught nicely by McConnell above his head at mid on off Varun Gudipati. Hogg (3) was very well held by Alek Johnson at long on off Oliver Clark at 70 in the 10th & at 78 in the 13th, White (5) was caught by Alek at mid wicket playing too early at George Gray's quicker one.

The last 6 overs yielded only 24 runs, two chances were spilled, but Alek Johnson , retreating at mid on, held his 3rd catch with aplomb, off Aadesh Sahadevan to dismiss opener Joe Twiddy (32). At 105 in the 18th Martin (10) was caught by Hobbs at cover off Aadesh & at 106 De Silva (0) was bowled by Gudipati. The 20th yielded only 3 runs, Aadesh 2-10, Varun 2-18.

Ewart & McConnell faced the slow left arm of Gaffney & medium pace of Joe Twiddy. 20 off 4 overs, Ewart (14) McConnell (5) before George was bowled by Gaffney. Between overs 6 & 10 the score only rose by 9 runs as Durham bowled two maidens, 24 dots in total. Ewart exploded in over 11 taking 17 off Sherwood all backward of square on the leg side, 51-1.

Sam accelerated to 50 (38b, 6x4, 3x6) with a 6 to deep mid wicket at 71 in the 15th. Oliver (9) was bowled by Fishwick at 72 in the 16th, there after Aadesh & Ben hit out, 12 off the 18th, including a straight 6 to Aadesh, 7 off the 19th needing 15 off the last, 1.6122 reaching 110, agonisingly close given the loss of only 2 wickets, Aadesh 23*(1x4, 2x6) Ben 13*.

Things to ponder: we need to reduce the controllable extras, byes, no balls, wides & also reduce the dots (DC 50 SN 64); be proactive, use of feet, manufacture singles, put pressure on the fielders & rotate the strike...... we can do it!! Many positives to reflect upon..... onward !!



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