7th May 2023


SNCC 1864 v Stamfordham (h) West Tyne League Division 1: Sat 6th MaythMay 2023


SNCC 1864 120 ao (36.1o) Will Carr 35, Patrick Hatcher 29, Ben Sidney Wilmot 13: C Johnstone 2-23, I Prentice 0-21, J Wallace 3-13, J Schofield 3-28, D Lett 2-25

Stamfordham 122-3 (36.3o) J Wallace 71*, T Common 27: Gregor Pearce 0-7, Woody Wilson 0-27, Patrick Hatcher 1-23, Joe Dresser 0-20, George McConnell 0-15, Will Carr 1-24, Belinda Wewalage 1-0.

Stamfordham won by 7 wickets 20 points SNCC 1864 3.


A cold day at Belsay, a green wicket (which played better than it looked), the visitors won the toss & asked the 1864's to bat. A steady start by Aaryan Wagh & Belinda Wewalage against the left arm of Johnstone & rm of Prentice but at 10, Johnstone shaped one in, the only one to that point, to hit the top of off, as Aaryan (7) left.

Belinda (7) hit a full toss, hard to cover, 17-2. Ben Sid & Jan Ozmen built but at 37 in the 16th Ben (13, 36b 1x4) was bowled by Wallace. At the same score Jan (7) hit a full toss to square leg, 37-4 in the 17th.

At 45 George (1) drove hard & low, only to see bowler Schofield pull off a stunning, one-handed catch, down to his left. This became 46-6 as Woody (1) edged behind off Wallace.

A splendid partnership of 53 between U12 Will Carr & captain Patrick Hatcher ensued. Will batted maturely, clipping or hooking to leg & running well before hitting to deep square leg where Lett took a good running catch. Will (35, 47b, 4x4,1x6) a very good, first senior innings, 99-7.

At 107 Gregor (6) was caught by Schofield at deep square leg. Patrick (29,41b, 2x4, 1x6) having hit the previous ball for 6, aimed a repeat & missed, to be bowled by Lett, 120-9. At the same score Will Young (1) was stumped by Common off Lett, now bowling left arm seam.

It seemed like 40-50 runs short but the 64's bowled & fielded well without luck. Edges not to hand or dropping short as Gregor bowled his leg breaks accurately 8-3-7-0. Wallace & Common batted well, spells from Woody,  Patrick, George & Joe were repelled with Will unable to bowl through injury.

The opening partnership had reached 92 when Common (27, 86b 2x4) played on to Will Carr's medium pace. At 106 Lett (6) was yorked by Patrick & at 115 Schofield (0) wonderfully caught by Joe Dresser, retreating at mid-on, high above his head, one handed ! An early contender for Champagne Moment of the year !  A wicket for Belinda's off spin in his only over.

Wallace (71*, 113b,8x4,2x6) had continued mostly untroubled & with Sutcliffe (1*), sealed the 7 wicket in in the 37th over.

Enthusiasm in the field was maintained to the end. Vital that it always is !

Onward to Humshaugh (h) on Sat 13th May 2023, may the weather be warmer !



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