11th Apr 2022

One senses Gavin would have chuckled at the choice of the date of the day's golf in his honour! On a day which began with snow & ice & the course closed, to being able to play from 1030 was remarkable & a tribute to NGC's willingness to accommodate the party of 25 who gathered to remember a former long-term member, accomplished golfer, gifted cricketer & significant RGS alumnus.


Sadly, illness prevented family members Jo, Lewis, Alistair & Ellie travelling from Essex & Paul Kelly ex RGS. But the Braintree GC 'DVO' contingent Andy Dodsley, Wynne Walters, Des Potter, Paul Oliver, Steve O'Brien & Dan O'Brien did make it. They had an eventful two days, being snowed off at Slaley Hall on the Thursday morning but managing to play at the Park in the afternoon & to return again for a second round on Friday. They really enjoyed playing at Gavin's home course, such is the respect they had for their very good friend & golfing companion.


Wonderfully organised by sister Sheila, seven three balls set off at 1045. Given the weather over the previous days, the course stood up well, the conditions were good, the sun shone & the rain only appeared as the last group ended their round at 1515.


Colin Belfield, Andy & Wynne were followed by Keith Atkinson, Jonny Marshall & Mike Anderson; Alan Dickinson, Des & Paul ; Chris Harker, Steve & Dan ; Richard Calvert, Mark Dolder & Duncan Stephen ; Nigel Campbell, Dave Hewitt & Jamie Morris ; Mick Thompson, Andy Maidwell & Nigel Davison - 6 from Essex, 5 from the RGS, 9 from South North & 1 family member.


A photograph is attached.


After some delightful food & much convivial discussion, grateful thanks were offered to Sheila, who did her bro proud with the occasion, & to all who had played in memory of Gavin, concluding with Mick Thompson offering school memories & leading a toast to him. It was a lovely, warm occasion.


When the bench bearing Gavin's name arrives at South North, in April we hope, SNCC & RGS friends will gather again to toast him, probably with large gin & tonics! We are hopeful that a tribute to Gavin will appear in the RGS ONA Magazine, Spring 2022 edition.


Clean cars & shiny shoes please; may we all go well.



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