Past Player: Graham Bruce

21st Jul 2020

What are your early memories of playing cricket at SN?

I joined in 1984 after a successful season playing for Boldon. Unfortunately, my first season for SNCC was the worst I’d experienced with regards to my individual performances. Clearly, the weight of my upcoming marriage to Vivien was affecting my game!


What was the highlights of your playing career at SN?

Being part of the 2nd team which won the league in 1988, then captaining the 2nd team to the league title in 1994, however, I was indebted to Dave Thompson who took over from me half way through when I was recovering from an operation. Individually, I enjoyed my innings of 43* at Ashington when having been drafted in from the 2nd’s as a ‘sacrificial opener’, I batted through the entire innings to save us not being all out. It must have been pretty turgid viewing for the spectators!


Who did you enjoy playing with at SN the most and why?

Everyone, as it was and still is a great club. That said, I had some enjoyable opening partnerships with Graham Tyler and we were rather unkindly christened ‘Boring Bruce and Tedious Tyler’!


Who was your most difficult opponent and why?

In my 11 full seasons with the club I scored a 50 against all the league clubs except Tynedale and Benwell Hill, so they must rank as the hardest opponents.


Who was the best (overseas?) player you have seen play at SN?

Jimmy Adams, the West Indies captain. I distinctly remember it was a cup game and fielding at square leg, when Simon Johnson, who we regarded as quite quick, dropped one short and Jimmy Adams just leant back and with a flick of the bat sent the ball over my head and out of the ground. That showed the difference in class!


How has local recreational cricket changed

I can’t comment having left the club in 1995, moving to Cambridge through work.


What is your favourite post playing moment at SN? 

Joining up with fellow VP’s at the Spring and Autumn golf tournaments, but specifically, being slapped round the head by Chris Harker and being told ‘you bandit Bruce’ after he discovered I’d scored an eagle on one of the holes at Dunstanburgh.

What are your hopes for SN and local cricket in the future?

For the club to continue to enjoy success while engendering the wonderful friendship that I enjoyed and continue to enjoy twice a year, with the golf.


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