9th Jul 2024


NEPL Sunday First Division: 7th July 2024: SNCC v Sacriston (h) 40/30


SNCC Academy 199-7 (40o) Jacob McCord 47, Will Carr 55, George Gray 14, Jan Ozmen 24, Ben Sidney-Wilmot 16, George McConnell 27: Tom Bulmer 1-22, Jake Atkinson 2-47, Jack Rye 1-44, Anthony Hannon 0-30, Nathan Bushby 1-27, George Mckie 2-27.


Sacriston 153-6 (29/30o) James Hannon 9, Sam Hubber 24, Lucas Waggott 7, Nathan Bushby 16, Jack Rye 45, Alfie Hart 24, Tom Bulmer 16*, Liam McSkelley 4*: Finlay Pearce 0-29, George McConnell 1-27, Gregor Pearce 3-23, Aaditya Bethanabatla 0-20, George Gray 1-37 Jacques Graham 0-13.


Sacriston won by 4 wickets - 21 points, SNCC 13.


Rain after the first innings meant a 30 over second innings with a target score of 150. Each team had 5 under 16 players, a point for each to a maximum of 5. SNCC won the toss & chose to bat. Jacob McCord & Belinda Wewalage faced the right arm seam of Bulmer & Atkinson.


At 13 in the 5th Belinda (4) edged a drive off Bulmer to w/k J Hannon. Will Carr joined Jacob & the pair batted well, 40 -1 after 10 overs as Jacob hit 3x4 & Will 1x4. Rye & A Hannon took over the attack & in Rye's first over, a missed slip chance at 42 gave Jacob a life.


In the 10 overs to halfway drinks the score had risen to 93. Jacob hitting 3 boundaries to cover & straight & Will 5, three through the leg side & two the off, a back foot drive to cover & front foot to extra cover.


Consecutive pulls to mid wicket off Bushby in the 23rd over gave Will 50 (48b 8x4). But in the 24th Jacob (47, 77b 7x4) advanced to off spinner McKie & was bowled ending a splendid partnership of 91 in 19 overs.


Will's enterprising innings (55, 63b, 8x4) concluded in the 27th bowled by Bushby, missing s straight drive. Jan Ozmen & George Gray pushed the score along , Jan taking 9 off Bushby in the 31st to long leg & through extra cover, until George (14,19b 2x4) was lbw to McKie, reversing !! 139-4 after 32. 


Ben Sid showed urgency & Jan swept McKie but in the 35th Jan (24, 28b 1x4) drove Atkinson to cover where Rye took a neat catch. In the 36th George McConnell smote Rye for 12 over & through cover & in the next Ben (16,13b, 2x4) holed out at long off, Atkinson the bowler, 182-6.


Rye was making life difficult bowling on both sides of the wicket with only one wide called in the very last over but George McC eventually fell to a catch at cover in the last over for a most valuable 27 (20b 3x4). 199-7 after 40 overs as Gregor (2*) & Finlay (3*) scampered. A par score but defendable, Sacriston's bowling & ground fielding had been good with only one chance missed.


Rain then delayed resumption until 1740. The umpires agreed 30 overs could be bowled with a target score of 150 to win. J Hannon & Hubber faced the left arm seam of Finlay Pearce & George McConnell.


At 23 in the 5th a mix up saw Hannon (9) retreat but unable to beat Jacques throw from square leg & a smart run out by Ben Sid, 21-1. Hubber had two moments of fortune as a sharp c & b to Finlay & an edge wide to Will's left hand at slip were unable to be taken. George McC became bedevilled by no balls in over 6.


Gregor (lbg) entered in over 7 & Aaditya Bethanabatla (ob) in over 8. 43 -1 after 10 overs. Then three wickets in 7 overs including two maidens put the Academy in control. Hubber 24 was lbw to Gregor in the 11th, Adi bowled a maiden in the 12th, Gregor then persuaded Waggott to drive to short extra where George G held a good, low catch diving forward, 46-3.


In the 17th Bushby (16) was bowled around his legs by Gregor, 71-4. In the next, George Gray's first, Rye (14*) hit to mid wicket but Belinda couldn't hang on.  Hart struck 2+4 in the same over after a misfield. Jacques only over went for 13 as both Rye & Hart hit straight for 6, 95-4 after 19 overs.


Misfields in the next two overs cost 3 runs & in the 23rd another chance went begging on the mid wicket boundary off Finlay, Rye (36*) the fortunate batter again. Very good fielding by Jan & Adi on the boundary prevented 4 runs in the 24th & 25th, 127 -4.


In the 26th Hart (24) hit hard to George Gray's left & on follow through, he dived to his left to take an outstanding catch inches above the turf, 132 -5. George McC returned at the Grove end & as some form of redemption, Rye (45) hit to mid wicket where Belinda took the catch, 134-6  but 6 more from the over meant 141 after 27 overs.


Bulmer (16*, 12b, 3x4) hit a boundary in each of the next two overs finishing the game from the last ball of the 29th over, driving Finlay straight to the Grove end sightscreen.


What might have been for the Academy. Sacriston played well, bowled nicely, fielded well & batted positively, making the most of some fortune. For SNCC, dropped catches, misfields under pressure & an inconsistent intensity in the field undermined a defendable score. We must all move in quickly as the bowler bowls. Fielding matters.


Onward to Sunday 14th July SNCC Academy v Benwell Hill (a) 40/40 1330 start. We hope you can be there to cheer the team on.



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