CHAMPION BULLS UNDONE BY RELEGATED LYONS IN LAST GAME. Sat 9th Sept 2023: NEPL Premier Division: SNCC v Hetton Lyons (h) 50/50

9th Sep 2023


         Sat 9th Sept 2023: NEPL Premier Division: SNCC v Hetton Lyons (h) 50/50


SNCC 221-9 (50o) Shayne Moseley 73, Simon Birtwisle 12, Chris Hewison 51, Sam Ewart 14, Adam Cragg 11, Sean Tindale 16, Oli McGee 14, Jonny Wightman 12*: Chris Ralston 1-28, Oliver Watt 2-39, Aaron Feroz 2-44, Marcus Farquharson 2-37, Robert Talbot 0-28, Cameron Grimwood 2-42.


Hetton Lyons 222-8 (45.5o) Stuart Walker 13, Gary Scott 83, Marcus Farquharson 17, Robert Talbot 29, Chris Martin 27, Chris Ralston 16: Jonny Wightman 1-36, Sean Tindale 0-33, Lee Crozier 0-37, Oli McGee 3-38, Simon Birtwisle 2-40, Will Alexander 2-24.


Hetton Lyons won by 2 wickets- 24 points, SNCC 7.


An end of season anti-climax as, with nothing at stake for either side, the Lyons fought well to win a close contest by 2 wickets with 4.1 overs to spare against a Bulls side not quite at their best.


On a very warm day, the Bulls chose to bat. Shayne Moseley & Simon Birtwisle faced the seam of Ralston & Watt. An explosive start as Shayne hit 3x4 from Ralston's first, over mid on. 77 -0 off 10 overs Shayne 66* Simon 10* as Watt, Feroz & Farquharson all suffered as Shayne cut loose driving, cutting & pulling freely.


Farquharson (lb) & Talbot (rm) then settled into some sort of rhythm, the rate slowed & in the 14th , after another boundary, Shayne 73 (57b, 14x4,1x6) unluckily edged a sweep off Farquharson for w/k Clay to claim a neat legside catch, 84-1. Chris Hewison joined Birty but in the first over after drinks Birty (12) drove Farquharson to mid-off where Walker took a chest high catch, 89-2 in the 18th.


Sam Ewart & Hewi then took the score steadily to 134 in the 29th, Hewi striking consecutive boundaries off Talbot in the 25th & Grimwood's sla for 4 & 6 in the 28th. At 135 Sam 14 (30b) top edged a sweep off Grimwood to present an easy catch to Watt at square leg. From the 4th ball of the next over Rob (0) was lbw to Feroz on the crease, 136-4.


153-4 at second drinks on a very warm day, Hewi 40* Adam 11* but in the 36th Craggy (11) slog swept Grimwood to Ralston at deep square leg, 153-5. Hewi reached a deserved 50 in the 38th as he drove through cover off the back foot then launched Grimwood for a straight 6 to the Grove. It was therefore a surprise when, aiming to on drive in the next, he was bowled by Feroz, 51 (72b, 4x4,2x6), 167-6.


Sean & Oli mixed defence with aggression but at 197 in the 45th Oli 14 (26b 3x4) was bowled by Watt, attacking, 7 down. 3 runs later, also attacking, Sean 16 (30b,2x4) was bowled by Watt. Will Alexander & Jonny, who despatched Ralston over mid-on for 4 from his 4th ball, took the score to 216 when Will (4) missed a leg stump full toss from Ralston in the last. Jonny 12* & Lee 4* 'scampered’ to the close at 221 -9, not quite a par score.


Walker & Scott faced Wightman & Tindale. Sam Ewart kept wicket. Ex DCCC Gary Scott showed intent & despite the loss of Walker (13) in the 5th bowled by Jonny, the score had reached 51 after 10 overs. Lee's first went for 11 as Scott swept 4 & drove straight for 6. Lee suffered again in his next as Scott launched 2x6 to the legside & he reached 50* in the next taking 2 & 4 off Oli.


In the 18th Farquharson 18 (42b1x4) skied Oli to wide mid-off where Rob made good ground & took an athletic, tumbling catch, 103-2. After drinks Talbot struck Oli straight for 4 & 6 but was lucky to see a lofted on drive nearly taken by Shayne at long on in the 21st. Birty had entered the attack in over 15 but it was 15 year old Will Alexander, in his first over, the 24th, who persuaded Scott 83, (68b, 6x4 5x6), to advance & launch only skying high for Adam to take the catch close to the wicket. An excellent innings for the team putting them ahead of the rate.


In the next Feroz (0) was lbw to Birty, 146-4. Talbot had batted nicely but in the 30th, Will's 4th, he hit towards wide mid-off where Jonny took a superb catch above his head moving to his left & jumping, one handed!! 164-5.


Lee & Sean combined & the run rate slowed as Martin & Ralston occupied; 188-5 at second drinks after 35 overs. 201 in the 40th then two wickets in two balls in the 42nd as Martin (27) edged Oli to Birty at first slip & Birbeck (0) was lbw aiming to mid-wicket, 208-7. This became 213-8 as Ralston (16) was lbw to Birty in the 44th.


Plenty of time & the winning boundary came in the 46th as Grimwood square drove a full toss to the offside fence. A win by two wickets for the Lyons in a season when they were, surprisingly, unable to replicate their 2022 third place in the Premier Division. An anti-climax for the Bulls who would have wanted to finish with a win.


We should salute the 1st X1 for achieving their 15th NEPL title since 2000 by 67 points from Burnmoor; the last three in a row. In a season of 4 abandonments, 13 wins, 3 losses & one losing draw is a very good return. Topping the table in week 4 & not relinquishing top spot thereafter to win with three games to spare, after the heroics of the undefeated 10th wicket partnership of 26* between Calum & Lee v Ashington on 26th August, is something to be proud of. Debuts for Sam, George & Will demonstrate a willingness to give good, young players opportunities.




Runs for Nik 678, Adam 401, Chris 370, Shayne 348, Sean 210, Rob 203, Birty 192, Oli 163, Sam 127.

Highest partnerships:174 Nik/Adam v Tynemouth (a), 112 Nik/Adam v Ashington (a), 105 Nik/Chris v Ashington (a), 101 Shayne/Nik v Felling (a)

Centuries: Nik (3) 103 v Tynemouth (a), 134* v Ashington (a), 104 v Castle Eden(h) in 4 weeks and Shayne (1) 100 v Hetton Lyons (a).


Wickets for Oli 41, Lee 33, Jonny 31, Sean 27, Calum 15, Birty 5, Will 3.

5 wkts: Jonny (3) 7-32 v Burnopfield (a), 5-68 v CLS (h), 5-43 v Burnmoor (a)

500 NEPL wickets for Jonny on 8/7/23 v Burnmoor (a)


Catches for Rob 14/8, Adam 10, Cal 6, Birty 5, Nik 5, Lee 4.


Nik's 97 at Felling " almost as miraculous as getting the game on "!!


The season will conclude on Friday 29th September with the Senior Presentation Evening in the Clubhouse , details are being finalised.


Our sincere thanks go to all those, families & friends, who have supported the Bulls throughout this rain affected season; to Craig & Liam for their groundsmanship, to Bill & the team for catering & bar, to John Ruddick & the scoring team, to Sarah for her unstinting work in the office, to Gordon for being the most important interface with the Sarah & Craig in fixture planning & to Howard for his visible support of all  the teams.


May we all winter well please.



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