Bulls win Northumberland Indoor 6 a side League - next stop Headingley

30th Jan 2023

Congratulations to SNCC who have won the Northumberland Indoor 6 a side league with victories over Seaton Burn, Benwell Hill, Tynemouth & Cowgate. It is some time ago that the Bulls last reached the regional round, which will take place at Headingley against the Yorkshire winners on Sun 26th Feb 2023.

 Ever presents Gavin Paton (c), Ru Fletcher, Sadiq Khan & Sam Ewart (w/k) were joined by Jonny Wightman (SBurn, BHill, T'mth), George Gray (SBurn), Adam Cragg (BHill), Rob Peyton (T'mth), Simon West & Calum Fletcher (Cowgate).

 Memories seem to differ & no record of wickets was taken but the scorecards might look like this:

 Seaton Burn 59ao (9.2o) wkts- Wighters 1, Ru 2, Gav 1, Sadiq 1, run out 1.

South North 60-1 (6.3o)  Sam Ewart 27* Ru Fletcher 23

 Benwell Hill 56ao (11.1o) wkts- Wighters 2, Sadiq 2, Gav 1, run out 1

South North 57-0 (6.3o) Adam Cragg 25* Sam Ewart 22* Gavin Paton 10*

 Tynemouth 94ao (11.2o) wkts- Wighters 1, Sadiq 2, run out 2, Gav 1, 

South North 95-2 (10.3o) Sam Ewart 27* Rob Peyton 26*

 Cowgate 102ao (11.4o) wkts- Gav 2, Westy 2, Sadiq 1, run out 1.

South North 104-0 Sam Ewart 25*, Ru Fletcher 27*, Gavin Paton 24* Sadiq Khan 20*.

 4 tosses won by Gav, opposition inserted, Wighters opened & swung it! The Bulls fielding was good, especially the run outs against Seaton Burn,  Benwell Hill  & Tynemouth. In the latter game Gavin produced a 'Sheareresque' 20 yard, right foot drive to run out Ben McGee at the non strikers end & Wighters won it with a straight 6 ! Sadiq chipped in with 6 wickets in total & 20* in the final game. Westy snaffled 2 wickets v Cowgate.

 Sam batted really well to be not out in each game scoring 27*, 22*, 27*, 25*. Ru supported well with 23, 27* as did Adam 25* & Rob 26*. Onward to Headingley hoping that, should the Toon make the Carabao Cup final on the same day, we will still be a presence in Yorkshire !

 Well done everyone!



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