10th May 2023


              NEPL Premier Division: SNCC v Benwell Hill (a) Sat 6th May 2023.

Benwell Hill 208ao (48.3o) Luke Doneathy 68, Haydon Mustard 53, Evasio Macmillan 37*: Jonny Wightman 1-66, Sean Tindale 0-42, Oli McGee 3-51, Calum Fletcher 2-31, Lee Crozier 3-12.

SNCC 160ao (39.2o) Simon Birtwisle 34, Rob Peyton 13, Oli McGee 40, Jonny Wightman 22: Evasio Macmillan 1-13, Calum Harding 4-37, Luke Doneathy 3-22, Max Williamson 2-50, Daniel Gardiner 0-14, Joseph Torre 0-18.

Benwell Hill won by 48 runs - 24 points, SNCC 6.


After a rain affected week, the Bulls won the toss & invited the Hill to bat. A blistering start as, with only two fielders out, Doneathy hit powerfully down the ground. Jonny Wightman conceded 37 in his first 4 overs. Doneathy's 50 came up in the 8th over, Mustard 8, 58-0.

The aggressive stroke play continued as McGee & Fletcher joined the attack, but at 106, in only the 13th over, Doneathy (68,42b,7x4,4x6) advanced to McGee, missed the drive & was stumped by Peyton. One run later Gardiner (0) lofted Fletcher to mid-on where Crozier took the catch, 117-2 in the 14th.

Mustard & Archbold continued until at 133, non-striker Mustard (53, 58b, 3x4, 3x6), sensing a single, as Archbold edged towards backward point of Crozier, set off but was refused & failed to beat Wightman's run, pick up & direct hit to the bowler's end, an unfortunate end to a good innings by a fine piece of fielding.

Perhaps affected by this, Archbold (9) pushing forward, was bowled by Crozier from the next ball, 133-4 in the 22nd. This became 138-4 as Bell (6) edged behind off Crozier & 142-5 as Heather (1) lost his off stump to Wightman. Continuing the positive approach, Halliday (2) lofted Crozier to deep mid-off where Fletcher took the catch, 146-7, back in the game.

Thereafter Macmillan, minimising risk, showed good sense & took scoring opportunities in company with Williamson, such that a partnership of 30 ensued before Wiliamson (14) skied Fletcher to Tindale running in from long off, 176-8 in the 43rd.

Going at 4's, the total rose to 196 after 46overs, Macmillan 30*. At 208 in the 49th Harding (9) missed a slog sweep & was bowled by McGee & one ball later Torre (0) was lbw to McGee, Macmillan 37*, a good innings for his team. Evergreen Lee Crozier 3-12 from 10 overs.

Birtwisle & Peyton faced the seam of Macmillan (rm) & Harding (lfm- road). A steady start but at 26 in the 8th Peyton (13) seeming to drive a full delivery, was bowled by Harding. From around the wicket & wide on the crease, the ball was swinging into the right handers.

Two balls later De Leede (0) forward, edged behind. In Harding's next over Hewison (0) forward, was bowled. Doneathy had replaced Macmillan & in the 13th pitching it up & getting movement off the seam, he bowled Cragg (4) off stump. Three balls later Tindale (0) suffered the same fate to middle stump, a slower ball cutter perhaps finding a gap, 36-5 in the 13th.

Sam Ewart, on debut, & Birty continued carefully but, in the 19th, Ewart (7), aiming to pick up Mcmillan, lofted toward mid-wicket where Doneathy made ground to take a very good, low catch, 54-6. Birty continued to be the bedrock in company with McGee, who pushed on.

Oli was in good touch again & struck 4x4, 2x6 in 48b to be 40* & the score had doubled to be 113 in the 30th, when he hit Williamson powerfully to leg but found Harding at deep mid-wicket who took the catch, 113-7. Williamson bowling around the wicket to the right-handed Birty (34, 75b,3x4), gained an lbw decision in the 33rd, 128-8.

Jonny Wightman & Cal Fletcher put on 21 for the 9th wicket positively before Wighters (22,27b, 2x4) pulled Doneathy toward mid-wicket where Halliday ran to his left to complete a diving catch, 149-9 in the 37th.

Crozier joined Fletcher & the pair advance the score to 160 in the 40th when Harding found another swinging delivery to bowl Fletcher (7), Crozier 5*: a loss by 48 runs with 9.4 overs remaining.

A dynamic opening partnership by Doneathy & Mustard & good bowling by the Hill, especially by Harding & Doneathy, which on the day the Bulls could not counter: work to do !

 We aim to bounce back on:

Wed 10th May v Blyth (a) Tyneside Charity Bowl. 1800.

 Sat 13th   May v Burnopfield (a) 50/50, 1130

 Sun 14th  May v Harrogate (h) Royal London, Club Championship, round 1,                                                            40/40, 1300


  We hope you can join us.



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