10th Jul 2024

                       BULLS & THE HILL THWARTED BY THE RAIN.

                          NEPL Premier Division Sat 6th July 2024: 

                              SNCC v Benwell Hill (a) 110o w/l/d.


SNCC 162-7 (37.4o) Rob Peyton 9, Sol Bell 27, Nik Gorantla 16, Chris Hewison 27, Adam Cragg 11, Sean Tindale 44, Simon Birtwisle 4, Oli McGee 7*, Gavin Paton 2*: Luke Mussett 1-31, Callum Harding 4-44, Dan Gardiner 1-34, Prahalad Nadella 1-26, Yash Kothari 0-22.


Match abandoned- rain: SNCC 7 points, Benwell Hill 8.


The rain in mid afternoon prevented an intriguingly poised match to be abandoned after 37.4 overs had been bowled. For the Bulls, Gavin Paton replaced Tom Rogers, on short term loan to Kent Spitfires for the T20 Blast.


A sunny day to start, the Bulls won the toss & chose to bat. Rob Peyton & Sol Bell faced the seam of Luke Mussett (rm) & Callum Harding (lfm) returning from injury.


Ten runs from the third over as both batsmen found the boundary but in  the 4th, Rob (9) was bowled driving at Harding, 18-1. Sol took 15 off Mussett in the 5th pulling & driving off the back foot through cover. 


Nik (16,14b 3x4) stroked Harding for 4's to point & cover in the 8th over & took 6 off Gardiner in the 9th but then frustratingly, feathered a catch to w/k Mustard at 53 in the same over, 53-2. In Harding's next Sol (27, 32b,4x4), who was going well, also edged behind to Mustard, three down.


Hewi & Adam rebuilt as Harding & Gardiner continued. Boundaries to long leg for Chris & for Adam as the drizzle began in the 14th over but in Harding's 8th Adam (11,29b 2x4) checked a drive to backward point where Nadella took the catch moving to his right, 74-4.


Sean joined Hewi & drove Harding straight for 4 in the 20th. In the 22nd, Chris drove Harding through cover & square on the leg side. Nadella (rm) & Kothari (sla) entered the attack in overs 23 & 24. The drizzle seemed to have abated. Chris cut Kothari to third man but in the next drove Nadella to gully where Kothari took the catch; Chris 27(43b 5x4), 118-5 in the 25th.


Simon & Sean took singles, the sky darkened. When Kothari pitched short, Sean hit boundaries twice to long on off the back foot. At 144 in the 34th Harding returned & Birty (4) driving  edged to w/k Mustard, 6 down. Sean batting positively,  as he has all season, took 5 off Nadella in consecutive overs before Mussett returned at the road end & enticed a return catch. Sean (44, 62b, 4x4), another good innings.


Oli (7*) swung Nadella to square leg & Gavin (2*) saw the rain become heavier & the players leave  the field after 37.4 overs, then waiting for 2 hours to no avail.


A disappointing end with only one Premier league game completed on the day at Ashington. The Bulls remain in 7th place on 143 points but with only 11 points between them & third placed Sunderland on 154.


Onward to Sat 13th July, SNCC v Burnopfield (h) 110o w/l/d from 1130. May the rain cease ! We hope to see you there.



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