9th Sep 2023


                                        SADIQ STARS WITH BAT & BALL.

            Sat 9th Sept 2023: NEPL Division 2: SNCC v Hetton Lyons (a) 50/50


SNCC 180ao (46.5o) Charlie Wilson 21, James Lunn 14, Gavin Paton 20, Ben Hobbs 12, Sadiq Khan 59, Alex Charnley 18, Ru Fletcher 14, Alex Weetman 8*: Arron Watson 3-29, Gary Adey 0-9, Charlie Burdon 1-31, Taylor Moulder 2-31, Dan Walker 1-24, Ethan Dixon 2-34.


Hetton Lyons 110ao (22.1o) Dan Walker 21, Noah Worthy 10, Taylor Moulder 16, David Lowther 36: Gavin Paton 3-28, Ben Hobbs 2-34, Sadiq Khan 3-9, George Gray 0-14, Alex Weetman 2-12, Alex Charnley 1-9.


SNCC won by 70 runs- 24 points, Hetton Lyons 5.


The Bulls chose to bat on a very warm day at Lilywhite Terrace. The wicket was green. Always interesting to see how being innovative with the batting order actually pans out so at 52-5 one could say it was working perfectly!!


Angus Southern & Charlie Wilson faced the seam of Watson & Adey. As Adey bowled 5 maidens in his 8 over spell, Angus (4, 26b) became becalmed but perhaps in wanting to accelerate, an overoptimistic call & response led to his run out,19-1. George (2), 'promoted' to number 3, was bowled by a Watson off cutter at 22. At 41 Charlie 21 (57b, 3x4), an innings of patience, was caught at slip by Adey off Watson one ball after he had been dropped in the same place, 41-3.


42-4 in over 20 as Lunny (14, 27b 2x4) attacking, was bowled by Watson. Gavin took 8 off the 22nd but in the 23rd, 52-5 as U13 Will Carr, on his debut for the 2nd team, left one that came back at him to be lbw to Moulder for 2. 


Gavin & Ben pushed on as Moulder & Dixon supplied the spin. Ben (12) swung Moulder to deep mid-wicket where Keegan took the catch,73-6 in the 30th. In the 33rd Gavin's defensive push lobbed back to bowler Walker as the ball stopped a little, 78-7.


There followed as good partnership of 71 between Sadiq & Alex C. Sadiq being particularly strong through the legside taking 6/4/6 off Walker in the 37th. Charners then took 2x4 off Keegan & Sadiq followed with 6 & 4. Alex C (1824b 2x4) was bowled by Dixon at 149 in the 42nd.


Sadiq's merry, match defining knock of 59 (41b, 5x4, 3x6) came to an end as he advanced to Dixon & was bowled, 163-9. Alex Weetman 8* kept Ru (14,15b 1x4) company until the latter swung Burdon to deep mid-wicket where Adey took the catch. 180 all out after 46.5 overs.


Tomys & Walker faced the seam of Paton & Hobbs; Ru kept wicket. 18 off two overs as Ben suffered but in over 4 Tomys (4) edged him to w/k Fletcher, 21-1. Ben struck again in over 6 as Walker (21, 15b 3x4) hit to mid-wicket where Lunny took the catch, 32-2.


35 -3 as Dixon (3) edged a good one from Gavin which went away a little to Ru. 45 -4 as Worthy's (10) back foot shot lobbed to point where Charlie took the catch. In over 11 Burdon (7) top edged Gavin to square leg where George took a straightforward catch, 54-5.


Lowther & Moulder settled, Lowther driving well through the offside & especially in over 15, George suffered. Sadiq's day became nicer in over 16, three wickets in 4 balls!! Moulder (16) was bowled by the third ball. Two balls later Keegan (0) aimed to drive but was caught by Ben at mid-on & next ball Alex Birbeck (0) was lbw, 86-8. 


C'est magnifique mes amis! Lowther continued to play well but the introduction of the mystery away swing of Alex Weetman proved crucial. In over21 Lowther 36 (31b, 7x4) was caught by George Gray at square leg & from the first ball of the 23d over Adey (8) defending was bowled, Alex 2-12!!


A lovely way to end the season for the 2's who finish in third place in Division 2 on 316 points, won 10, lost 5, 3 losing draws & 4 abandoned.


League Runs: 

Alex Charnley 402, Ru Fletcher 392, Sadiq Khan 375, Alex Weetman 364, Angus Southern 352, Nick Tomlinson 311, Gavin Paton 181 James Lunn 156, Nathan Gough 134.


Centuries: Nathan Gough (1) 112* v Hetton Lyons (h)



173 Nathan Gough/Ru Fletcher v Hetton Lyons (h)

137 Sadiq Khan/Alex Weetman v Newcastle (a)

112 Nick Tomlinson/Alex Weetman v Sunderland (h)

89 Ru Fletcher/Sadiq Khan v Felling (a)

88 Will Alexander/Alex Weetman v Tynemouth (h)

86 Nick Tomlinson/Alex Charnley v Tynemouth (h)

84 Jacob McCord/Ru Fletcher v Sunderland (a)


League Wickets:

Sadiq Khan 30, Gavin Paton 24, George Gray 24, Alan Davidson 14, James Lunn 13, Ben Hobbs 12, Josephine Nkomo 9.


So well done the 2's for bouncing back from 4 defeats & 2 losing draws in the first 7 games to finish third in the table. Teenagers Alex Charnley leading run scorer & Geoge Gray 2 x 5 wickets & 24 in total, in his debut season. The pleasing sight of Will Alexander able to bowl seam again. The future is bright!



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