19th Aug 2022

                 NEPL Division 2 T20 second semi final: Sunday 14th August 2022

Newcastle 191-8 (20o) Stephen Pinnington 45, Fin Allen 68, Joe Boaden 29*, George Gibson 21: Gavin Paton 0-16, Allan Davidson 0-37, James Ruddick 0-27, Sree Kanakala 4-35, Sadiq Khan 2-26, Ru Fletcher 1-21, Ben Hobbs 0-27.

SNCC 174-7 (20o) Sadiq Khan 13, Nathan Gough 75, Ryan Sidney-Wilmot 13, Sam Ewart 38*, Sree Kanakala 11*: Harry Phillips 1-28, Finlay Pearce 1-29, Colin Miller 1-34, Joe Boaden 1-40, Marc Wood 1-40.

Newcastle won by 17 runs.

Having seen Sacriston defeat the Lyons in the first semi final, Newcastle won the toss & chose to bat at sunny Hetton. Pinnington & Fin Allen faced the seam of Paton & Davidson. After 6 overs the score had rocketed to 80 without loss as both batters cleared the infield on both sides of the wicket. This included a disastrous only over from James which leaked 27, 3x4, 1x6, 6 wides, 1 no ball. The Bulls conceded 14 wides & 3 no balls in total, 11 coming in the first 6 overs, which was to prove costly. Newcastle conceded only 2 wides & 1 no ball.

Some semblance of order was restored when in Sree Kanakala's second over Pinnington 45 (23b, 6x4, 2x6) was bowled, 118-1. Two balls later S Allen (0) was bowled by Sadiq. In Sree's next Fellows (1) was caught by a juggling James at cover & 4 balls later Fin Allen 68 (38b, 9x4, 3x6) was lbw, 131-4.

This became 134 -6 as Miller (2) was caught by Sree in the deep off Sadiq & then Walker (3) was bowled by Sree. Gibson & Boaden pushed on as Fletcher & Hobbs entered the attack. At 167, Gibson 21 was run out by a direct hit from Ryan, closing in at short mid wicket. At 173 Finlay Pearce (3) was bowled by Ru. But Boaden continued , Ru conceded 14 in the 17th & Ben, having bowled his first two overs for 9, suffered in the last conceding 18 which included 3 no balls & 2 wides. T20 in the last overs can be unforgiving !

The Bulls innings began with a 6 to mid wicket from the 3rd ball of the first over by Sadiq. Sadly, a run out mix up saw both at the same end, James (7), as Pearce's throw was ferried to the bowler's end, 17-1. A repeat followed at 36 as Nathan set off & Sadiq (13) did not immediately to be run out at the striker's end. Pressure !

Nathan was driving down the ground in style & Ru chipped in, but at 93 in the 12th Ru (6) was caught & bowled by Miller, swatting an above waist high full toss back to the bowler.  Jacob (4) chipped Boaden & was caught & bowled, 93-4. Nathan reached 53* with a straight 6 but after three consecutive 2's, Ryan (13) was caught by Fellows at long off, Wood the bowler, 113 -5 in the 14th.

Sam Ewart entered & in the 15th & 16th struck 23 including 2 sixes, one off Boaden & one off Wood. Sadly, the run out curse struck again as Sam declined 2 & Nathan, diving, did not make his ground, retreating from half way down. A magnificent innings of 75 (45b, 6x4, 2x6), exhilarating straight driving to admire.

Sam & Sree, running well, pushed the score along, another maximum for Sam off Wood but the final two overs amassed only 16 in ones & twos leaving Sam 38*(20b, 1x4, 3x6), a very good attacking knock, & Sree 11*. A brave effort, 174 would usually be good enough to win a t20 but the concession of runs in the power play & the wides & no balls mounted up. Newcastle fielded well in the ring & the deep, the big hits invariably found boundary fielders & the throwing was sharp. 41 runs behind after the power play, we ended only 17 runs short.

Onward...a Roseworth Trophy semi final on Tuesday 16th August (h) to Felling is followed by 4 important, 50/50, win lose league games, Ashington 20/8, Benwell Hill 27/8, Sunderland 3/9 & finally Hetton Lyons 10/9. Only 12 points separate the top three teams in Division 2. We must continue.


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