19th Jul 2022

                    NEPL Division 2, Sat 16th July 2022, SNCC v Gateshead Fell (h)

SNCC 260-6 dec (51o)  Ru Fletcher 55, Nathan Gough 105*, Ryan Sidney-Wilmot 27, Sadiq Khan 29, Gavin Paton 23*: Richard Smith 0-61, Lochlann Young-Hall 3-37, Harvey Wake 0-18, Cameron Oliver 0-22, McKenzie Lugsden 0-21, Oliver Green 2-49, Sam Goodliffe 0-47.

Gateshead Fell 226-8 (54o) Sam Goodliffe 32, Michael Elliott 91*, Oliver Green 23, Joe Mavin 19: Allan Davidson 1-24, Gavin Paton 3-48, Will Harris 1-25, Will Alexander 0-32, Sadiq Khan 3-48, Nathan Gough 0-25, Ru Fletcher 0-6.

SNCC winning draw 14 points, Gateshead Fell losing draw 9 points.

On a very warm day the Bulls won the toss & chose to bat. Fletcher & Southern faced Smith & Young-Hall. At 11 in the second over Angus (5) defending, edged behind off Young-Hall's medium pace. Gough & Fletcher were watchful, two maidens in overs 9 & 10 as the opening bowlers bowled a good line outside off. 50-1 in the 14th & change bowlers Wake & Oliver offered more scoring opportunities.

At drinks after 17o, 71-1 Fletcher 35* Gough 25*. At 99 in the 22nd Ru reached 50 & the 100 partnership came in the 26th until Fletcher (55,91b, 8x4) played on to Green's sla, 114-2. Ewart (1) working to leg, fell lbw to Young-Hall at 121. In the 31st over after Gough had reached a deserved 50 (70b 7x4), Weetman (0) edged behind off the same bowler at 123-4. The delivery before being dismissed the ball had caressed the off stump but remained intact !

After the second drinks break post 34 overs the run rate accelerated, two lovely cover drives from Ryan who had reached 27 in the 42nd when unluckily run out backing up as the bowler touched Nathan's drive onto the non-striker's stumps, 184-5, Nathan 82*. Sadiq, as ever, was positive & entertaining, 29 (25b 3x4) before being caught at long on by Mavin off Green, 230-6 in the 49th.

 As Nathan got to his most deserved, second, consecutive 100 (ending 105* 121b, 11x4,1x6) with two from the 5th ball of the 49th over, the fireworks then took place in the 51st Gavin Paton striking 4.6,1 then 4,6, the second straight as the fielders at long on & long off did not move as the ball sailed high between & over them, hitting the fence. A declaration at 260-6 after 51o.

Devenport J & Goodliffe faced Davidson & Paton, 54 overs ahead. Paton struck in the 6th Devenport (2) edging behind for w/k Ewart to take the catch, 24-1. 30-1 off 12 as Davidson's accuracy was rewarded (6-1-20-0 ) amid some good fielding Ewart & Gough to the fore. At 49 in the 15th Smith(12) edged behind off Paton, another routine catch for Sam, & 4 runs later Goodliffe, aiming to drive in Will Harris's second over, edged to Sam, a third catch taken with aplomb, 53-3 in the 16th.

Elliott settled & played some nice shots through cover & mid wicket, the fielding remained keen, a good, diving stop by Will Harris saved a boundary at mid wicket. Will Alexander's second over was a maiden & his 4 overs suffered only in the last when Elliott hit 3x4. In over 23 Sadiq's leg spin began a spell of 12 overs. Nathan replaced Will A & the total had risen to 135 in the 32nd when Sadiq had two in two, Green (23)  stumped by Ewart &  Young-Hall on the crease, palpably lbw first ball, 135-5.

In the 38th Elliott reached a deserved 50 punishing Gough's short of a length before edging luckily past slip. Wake (7) was then bowled by Khan at 168-6 in the 40th. Mavin was positive & hit 3x4 & he & Elliott looked to accelerate until at 203 Mavin (19) hit hard to mid on where Gough, 6'4", took the catch at head height, 12 off the Paton over.

Allan Davidson returned in over 47 & from the first ball Devenport J (7) drove hard & high to cover where Ryan Sid, 6'4", took the catch above his head, 214-8. (Your corrrespondent would not have got anywhere near either, good field placing skipper!) Fletcher had a 3 over spell but the Fell were determined & Elliott continued to be 91* at the close (118b,14x4,2x6) an excellent innings, two near misses notwithstanding, on 224-8 after 54o. 

14 points to SNCC, 9 to the visitors, a good game on a very warm day when both players & spectators were indebted to the provision of juice & water at regular intervals.

The Bulls retain 3rd place in NEPL Division 2 on 239 points, 29 behind leaders Whitburn & 26 behind second placed Tynemouth: Washington (a) is the next game on Sat 23rd July 2022, hope you can be there.




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