A COVID 19 Club Update

23rd Mar 2020

A COVID19 update from the club.

South North has had to close its doors. The centre was closed with immediate effect following the ECB announcement that all cricket was suspended. The government have subsequently given recommended advice to our category of venues and so following the guidance, we have decided to close completely. 

We see it as our position in the community to offer a network of support during these times and important to the wellbeing once up and running again. We currently have a database of members ready to help those in need or who are in self isolation, please if you would like help or to help others please be in touch via the contact us page on this site.
The cricket season is currently suspended, we are uncertain as to when it will restart. On the previous article we posted the NEPL committees’ views and ECB have announced there will be no professional cricket till the 28th of May. However, information is changing rapidly and a date on our season would only be a guess.

We are aware that the club is on a public footpath please ensure if you are staying active to maintain social distancing and we don’t recommend congregating on the benches for that reason. 

We will not be taking bookings for any functions, those cancelled will be refunded. Again, no future dates can be assigned with any certainty.

We have had to postpone our Sporting Dinner from May until September, with the news that guest speaker David Gower still available at that date.

Some sponsors have been incredibly generous in sticking to agreed terms, and we appreciate their support despite the uncertainty of the season and activity at the club, not to mention their own financial implications at a time like this.
We had started taking membership, we appreciate it is a tough position to be in, as you struggle to commit with the uncertainty of practises or a season. But those who would like to commit and offer support we appreciate it of course as work must go on. You will see an option for this on the website.

The closure of the centre meant we missed out the last 7 days of courses, we will be rearranging these when possible.
It is important at this point to stress that everyone’s well being is our most important concern and we hope you all stay safe. 

Please keep monitoring the club website and social media feeds for more updates and for videos and audio for cricket development whilst playing is not an option.

South North Cricket Club                                                                                                                        MJR

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