12th Aug 2022

West Tyne League Division 1: Sat 6th August 2022, 1864 v Newton (a)

SNCC 1864 188-4 (40o) Belinda Wewalage 12, Oliver Clark 23, Ben Sidney-Wilmot 85*, Guy Johnson 14, George McConnell 10, Patrick Hatcher 26*: Dave Archbold 0-30, Chris Wilkie 1-37, Matthew Scattergood 0-10, Stephen Pitman 0-36, Dan Taylor 3-33, Charlie Laverick 0-26.

Newton 186ao (39o) Dave Lee 24, Dan Taylor 61, Dan Sanderson 20, Chris Wilkie 22: Alan Roskilly 0-17, Will Harris 1-35, Sree Kanakala 0-33, Partrick Hatcher 5-26, Josephine Nkomo 3-29, Oliver Clark 0-17, Davd Cragg 0-22.

South North 1864 won by 2 runs - 20 points, Newton 7.

On a warm day at Mowden Hall School, the 1864's were invited to bat. The experienced Dave Archbold bowled 5 consecutive maidens but was thwarted by Oliver Clark. Belinda (12) hit three boundaries before mistiming back to bowler Wilkie at 16 in the 8th.

Oliver (11*) & Ben (20*) then battled to the drinks break at 49-1 after 20 overs, only 14 scoring shots against an accurate attack. Acceleration required & it came until in the 25th,Oliver (23, 77b, 2x4) was caught at mid wicket off Taylor, 76-2.

Guy (14) was positive hitting 4 & 6 until he was very well caught at deep mid wicket by a running Scattergood off Taylor, 98-3. George also hit two nice boundaries before he was bowled by Taylor for 10, 115-4 in the 32nd. Thereafter a splendid partnership of 73 in 8.5 overs between Ben & Patrick, finding the gaps, running well & eschewing big shots. This included Ben's 50 with a 6 in the 34th off Wilkie whose over went for 15.

Over 39 from Archbold leaked 17 as both took boundaries & the last 7, to finish on 188-4, Ben 85* (95b, 7x4, 1x6) an outstanding innings, very well supported by Patrick steering over the offside 26* (19b, 2x4).

Lee & Scattergood faced Roskilly & Harris. Scattergood was bowled by Harris in the 4th, 7-1. Taylor & Lee survived a lively opening spell from Will until direction deserted him in the 10th. The score had reached 49 in the 14th when Lee edged Hatcher to Ben Sid who took the catch. Taylor swept Sree well & the score had reached 84-2 at halfway drinks, Taylor (38*) Sanderson 6*.

Consecutive 6's off Oliver to Sanderson (20) but at 98, in the next over, Josephine had him caught by David Cragg at mid wicket. At 107 in the 24th Brown (3) was lbw to Josephine, 107-4. Will returned but in his 2nd over was again beset by no balls & wides & the score had risen to 147 in the 31st when crucially, Patrick bowled Taylor (61,84b, 6x4).

Wilkie & Pitman put together a partnership of 28 as David Cragg entered the attack. From over 33 Patrick & Josephine in tandem, with one run out, a good throw from George in the deep, took the remaining 4 wickets for 11 runs in 7 overs.

Pitman (13) was bowled by Patrick at 175 in the 35th. Wilkie (22) edged Josephine to Ben Sid, who took a good catch at the same score. At 180 Jeffery ( 3) was run out, 8 down. Ben Sid nearly took a worldie, high to his right off Patrick but Archbold, swinging, did not survive a full straight one to be bowled at 186 & Laverick (0) succumbed to the same combination, 186 all out. A tense win by 2 runs, Patrick 5-26, Josephine 3-29, a very good, all round team effort.

C'est magnifique mes amis! 20 points, still 6th place in Division 1. Onward to the next game Mitford (h) on Sat 13th August 2022.

It is also delightful to report that Patrick & Josephine were chosen to be part of  the annual West Tyne League X1 v NE Mid-Week League X1 on Sunday 7th August at Kirkley CC. Both bowled with distinction taking two wickets each, Patrick 12 with the bat.


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