19th Aug 2021

After a torrid start to 2021 (p12, w3, l6, c3), when availability & team selection were badly affected by COVID & stretched the resourcefulness of captain, Patrick Hatcher & team manager & scorer, Stewart Davidson, it is a pleasure to report that the last 4 games played have been won.


Sat 17th July (h) Humshaugh (2nd), Sat 24th July (a) Hexham Leazes (11th), Sat 7th Aug (a) Haydon Bridge (5th) & Sat 14th Aug (a) Haltwhistle (4th) have all been defeated by a youthful side, who have climbed from 9th to 6th in WTL Division 1. David Cragg & Kush Agarwal are the only 'ever presents' during these 4 victories.


Each game has seen important contributions from many different players.


1864's 169-8 (40o) Eashan Ragbir 56, Will Phelps 29, Kush Agarwal 29,Arif Alam 18: Humshaugh 157ao (32.3o) Aaron Rostron 2-10, Patrick Hatcher 3-13, Will Phelps 2-35,Eashan Ragbir 2-20, David Cragg 1-9........20 points.


Hexham Leazes 169-9 (40o) Aaron Rostron 2-26, Patrick Hatcher 1-22, Eashan Ragbir 2-25, Alan Roskilly 2-28, David Cragg 1-17, Ben Hobbs 1-27.

1864's 172-4 (29.4o) Eashan Ragbir 48, Patrick Hatcher 37*, Kush Agarwal 33*, Alex Charnley 28............19 points.


Haydon Bridge 133-9 (35o) Allan Davidson 1-18, Will Alexander 4-22, Alan Roskilly 1-38, Ross Ward 2-4, David Cragg 0-28, Archie McLean 0-22.

1864's 134-6 (27o) Sam Ewart 43, Ross Ward 48, Tris Meears White 16, Kush Agarwal 9, Alan Roskilly 9*............. 19 points.


1864's 171-6 (40o) Jan Ozmen 33, Sam Ewart 28, Kush Agarwal 21, Patrick Hatcher 43*, Alan Roskilly 24*.

Haltwhistle 150-9 (40o) Atul Ramesh 2-19, Alan Roskilly 3-15, Patrick Hatcher 4-35, Eashan Ragbir 0-27, David Cragg 0-26, Moh Shahbaz 0-21............19 points.


Compliments from opposition teams & umpires about the way the team have played have been received with pleasure & reflect well on Patrick Hatcher's leadership, the experience of David Cragg, the willingness of many to make themselves available & play with skill & enthusiasm.


 May we wish them every success in the last five, tough games of this season.



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