Indoor Club League

Club League 10th October - 12th December

The North East Cricket Academy host a 6-a-side league for senior club teams.

We looking for your club and club mates to enter.

League games take place on Sunday afternoons.

Games last 1 hour.

The rules of the club league will mirror The Hundred..

A softer leather indoor ball will be provided.

South North will produce a fixture list and table following the results of the 10 week tournament with a final to decide the winner.

PRICE £310 per Team


60 Balls.per innings

5 balls per time per bowler. Captains can choose to let the bowler bowl 10 balls in a row.

Each player (except the wicket keeper) must bowl at least 5 balls and a max of 15 ball.

Team with the most runs wins.

A batsman must retire if they have scored 30 runs but come back if their team is bowled out.  

Last man stands with a runner.

Boundaries along the back wall, one run for hitting the back or side net. 2 runs for completing a run.

Wides and no balls count 2 runs

In the event of a tie there will be a super over.

Any further rules are basic cricket rules and can be explained by the umpire.

Two umpires will be provided and a bag of cricket equipment will be available on loan for the afternoon if required.

If you would like further information, or to enter a team to the league, please contact:

Ruaidhri Fletcher

T:   07429 125095 


Michael Richardson