The Brewin Dolphin Business League

Winter Round Robin added in Jan 2022.


A 4 team invitation to play a round robin over 3 weeks, each team plays 3 matches.

£150 entry fee per team.

The match day dates are below and fixtures will be generated once the teams are in.

17th, 18th Jan ; 24th,25th Jan and 31st Jan 1st Feb.

Time of game is:

830pm - 930pm 

Same rules as the below league just completeed.



7pm Monday/Tuesday nights

4th October – 7th December


Indoor cricket is back.

Games are 6-a-side and teams can be made up from staff, customers, business contacts as well as friends and family. The Brewin Dolphin Business League is all about enjoyment, fun and participation therefore it doesn’t matter if you play cricket regularly, haven’t play for years, have only ever played a few times or never played cricket before it is open to everyone aged over 14yrs, male or female.

Games last 1 hour.

The rules of the Business League will mirror The Hundred.

An umpire and NECA representative will be in attendance and a bag of cricket equipment will be available for players to use each evening if required.

A softer leather ball will be provided.

South North will produce a fixture list and table following the results of the 10 week tournament 

PRICE £495 + VAT per Team


60 Balls.per innings

5 balls per time per bowler. Captains can choose to let the bowler bowl 10 balls in a row.

Each player (except the wicket keeper) must bowl at least 5 balls and a max of 15 ball.

Team with the most runs wins.

A batsman must retire if they have scored 30 runs but come back if their team is bowled out.  

Last man stands with a runner.

Boundaries along the back wall, one run for hitting the back or side net. 2 runs for completing a run.

Wides and no balls count 2 runs

In the event of a tie there will be a super over.

Any further rules are basic cricket rules and can be explained by the umpire.



For further details please contact:

Ruaidhri Fletcher

T:   07429 125095


Michael Richardson