South North Last Person Standing

**Last Person Standing will be launching in 2023/24 Season**


The rules are simple and are as follows:

1.You must pick 1 English Premier League team each week to win.

2. Each team may be selected only once.

3. Your Round 1 team must be picked when you register on the South North website. You can register anytime from now but no later than midday on Friday the 20th of November (TBC). Moving forward you must email your name and your team selection to You must pick this team no later than 2 hours before the first match kick off of the game week.

4. If for any reason rules 1, 2 & 3 are not followed you will be allocated the first team alphabetically that you have not previously selected.

5. If your team lose you are out.

6. Each player will be allocated 1 draw. Once you have chosen a team and they draw that is your 1 life used.

7. If you have already used your draw and you select another team that draw, you are out.

A spreadsheet will be made each week showing who has picked who and then a spreadsheet showing the results of each round and we will keep going until we have a winner.

The competition will begin on the 21st of November (TBC) & will cost £10 and is paid at the start. £5 of this will go to South North Cricket Club and £5 will go to the winner’s fund. The amount the winner gets will be confirmed before the competition starts. First week entries must be in for Midday on Friday the 20th Nov (TBC).

No entries will be accepted after midday on Friday.

If you wish to enter more than once you can, however you will pay £10 for each entry.

For our many families if you have 3 entries you will get a fourth for free, please see this option in the booking types.

Round 1 of fixtures will be added soon.