Junior Awards Presentation 2018 -Winners

2018 Junior Awards

Chairman's Cup - Will Varley

Directors' Plate - Bobby Green

You can see photographs of each of the following winners on the relevant page for their age group. 

Chairman’s Cup

(for overall Junior Player of the Year)

Will Varley

Directors’ Plate

(for Junior contributing most to Senior cricket)

Bobby Green

U19 Champagne Moment              

Harry Jopling

U19 Player of the Year   

Jonnie Bell

U15 Red Champagne Moment           

Alex Nice

U15 Red Most Improved Player   

Bobby Green

U15 Red Player of the Year                   

Will Varley

U15 Blue Champagne Moment           

Matthew Monk

U15 Blue Most Improved Player   

Alan Roskilly

U15 Blue Player of the Year                   

Guy Johnson

U14 Girls Champagne Moment           

Olivia Miller

U14 Girls Most Improved Player   

Kate Lievesley

U14 Girls Player of the Year                   

Trudy Johnson

U13 Red Champagne Moment           

Alfie Clarke

U13 Red Most Improved Player   

Harry Bowers

U13 Red Player of the Year                   

Angus Southern

U13 Green Champagne Moment           

Dhruv Varier

U13 Green Most Improved Player   

James Moody

U13 Green Player of the Year                   

Aryan Kakwani

U13 Blue Champagne Moment           

Advay Sharma

U13 Blue Most Improved Player   

Faraz Ihsan

U13 Blue Player of the Year                   

Adam Helsby

U11 Champagne Moments

George Gray

Ed Moody

Albie McPate

U11 Best Newcomer

Will Carr

U11 Players of the Year

Rafi Mohammed

Sam Ewart

Ben Hobbs