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Under 9’s

Critical to the long term athletic development of children is early exposure to the core skills that develop hand/eye coordination and spatial awareness. Through these junior clubs, children from 5 years can learn new skills at their own pace and in a fun, enjoyable environment. Through cricket, club members will develop balance and coordination, as well as cooperation and teamwork.

U9’s cricket is treated as a separate sub-section of youth cricket. Softball cricket will be the basis of the U9’s syllabus which will focus on the “ABC’s” of cricket, athleticism, balance and coordination.

The table below outlines the dates and timings of the U9’s club which will operate throughout the year. Numbers are limited as shown in the chart and there are different limits for summer and winter. Where there is bad weather in the summer we will operate with reduced numbers on that Friday evening and the basis of selection for these sessions will operate on a rota basis which will be notified prior to the season.

Day Age Group Timings U9 Coordinator Winter Limit Summer Limit
Friday 5-6 17:15-18:30 Mel Betts 40 100
Friday 7-9 18:45-20:00 Mel Betts 40 100
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